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This tool helps to automatically create and maintain links from a source project to a target project to share code that is common to Silverlight and WPF. Therefore, shared code can be written once and built for the target environment.

The ProjectLinker was developed as part of an approach for building applications that target both Silverlight and WPF. You can find more about this approach in the Prism guidance available on MSDN.

Version 1.0

This is a copy of the ProjectLinker 2010 and has only been changed to support Visual Studio 2012

Version 1.1

Added a checkbox to the Add Project Link form. The checkbox is used to Link all project items by default. So when you add a new project link and check the box then all project items of the source project will be linked to the target project.

Version 1.2

Fixed an issue with folders already existing.

Version 1.3

Fixed an issue with loading projects in a unexpected order.

Version 1.4

Fixed an issue with loading a project at startup without project links..

Version 1.5

Fixed some more issues.

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